imagine waking up in Venus Valley

Mar 03, 2023

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magine waking up in Venus Valley to the sound of stillness & the smell of fresh mushroom coffee

you throw on your flowy clothes & we meet in the open space for morning stretches x shakes

after we nourish our bodies with munchies & warm liquids,

we go on a walk with the pups & as the fresh air touches our skin,

we giggle over the fears you had coming into container.

we arrive back..

the sauna is already hot

you grab your gifted castor pack & meet me on the balcony overlooking the ridge line

we sweat together,

as I teach you about castor oil & how to apply + use it

I show you how to self massage

& unwind trauma patterns with your own two hands

I make you a snowball from the fresh coat that came the day before

you rub it all over your fiery skin

& feel ple@$ure for the first time in a long time

you feel

you heal

you cry

you see

you smile

you laugh

you love

you meet you <3

What sounds like the best part?✨🌊

Ready to quantum transform? Enrolling for high level 1:1 immersions - VENUS VENTURE + VENUS VOYAGE 🫢🏼

Other ways to work with me:

✨€rotic Blueprint Immersive Experience on 3/12 w/ & @hey_birdie_co at @pachahouse_denver

First ever Self Ple@$ure Circle at @venusvalleyboulder is happening 3/16 🍯🫢🏼 Message me to claim a spot!

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