if you’re constantly beating yourself up for not being where you *know* you can be in biz + life….this one’s for you

Nov 15, 2021

when you know you can create something... ( i.e. wealth, clients, partnership, next level leadership)

& you say you reallyyyyy want ti

but it;s not showing up...

it's probably because you're not showing up

...to the commitment the next level is asking of you

if you’re constantly beating yourself up for not being where you *know* you can be in biz + life….this one’s for you🙌🏻

⬇️i’d read this one to the end…if you like free coaching😽

throughout the enrollment process for IN THE FLESH…the biggest thing i’ve heard is INDECISION🤮

‘i need to feel into it’
‘i’m going to sit with it’
‘i’m gonna check in with my womb’

as we dig deeper

the FEAR living underneath
👏🏻ALWAYS reveals itself

(if you let yourself explore that, you’ll see that at a certain point ‘sitting with it’ is just avoiding a decision😉)


if you were REALLY listening to pu$$y…


the answer would be CLEAR

…bc the decision is ALREADY made‼️

pu$$y speaks LOUDLY🥊

✅she cuts through all the bullshit

& when she has the opening to speak
she will shout the TRUTH🗣


(you’ve felt this before - like when you’re in the wrong relationship & the ‘this isn’t right’ voice won’t go away…that’s PU$$Y)

so when you say you really want something & it’s not showing up👇🏻

it’s bc you’re not showing up…to overcome the hard things….that will quite literally bring you into the version of Self you need to be to attract said things

(or something better)

the hard things wouldn’t be so hard💰

you wouldn’t be complaining👀

bc your commitment to the VISION

would be STRONGER than the obstacles

with your unwavering commitment in place

the difficult moments & decisions
» become clear & true «
bc you know where you’re going

when you’re not committed
you end up walking in circles around yourself

filling your life with more & more fear
more & more small self stories that say


when all that’s really happening…
all you’re missing…

*is commitment*

so decide.

👉🏻what are you working & walking towards?

👉🏻what are you committed to…even when the going gets tough?

…bc it will

you inevitably WILL want to run & hide

& that is when you RECOMMIT & say

“bring it the fuck on…my commitment to my Highest Self is stronger than any fear or obstacle”

only a couple of weeks left for IN THE FLESH enrollment 💃🏼 will you rise to the call?


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