If you could have anything, would you choose this?

Apr 05, 2021

Having $10k months is great.
Having a partner who cooks for you is great.
Having clients pay you $500 an hour is great.
Having sex that gets you there is great.
Having a friend group that kinda supports you is great.

But you know what’s better?

Letting yourself dream past those glass ceilings & getting everything you want,

& then some.

This was me last year.

And my life was G R E A T.

I was happy.
Happier than I had ever been.
More successful than I had ever been.

But there was a tug from my Higher Self whispering, “there’s SO much more than this, Julianne.”

So I listened.

I broke up with the ‘perfect partner’ at the start of the pandemic.

I ditched the parts of my biz that were holding me back from the next iteration.

I moved out of an apartment that made me happy.

I doubled my rates.

I said adios to people that served their purpose but didn’t feel good anymore.

I let go of what was great…

to make space for something BEYOND.

It. Was. S C A R Y.

I had no idea what was waiting for me on the other side.

I was so fearful that I had walked away from things I worked so hard to get, for a vision I didn’t even know I could get to.

But I did it anyway because even though my life was great, I was pained from the settling I felt on the inside.

I felt the contrast.

And knew I was being guided into something bigger.

Let me tell you, it was worth every cry, shake, scream, disbelief, & doubt.

I’m here accepting my next level bigness & watching it all crystalize.

You’re not here for comfortable, you’re here luxurious freedom.

You’re here for:

mind blowing s3x.
50, 75, 100k + months.
A man that kisses your feet because you kiss his back.
Soul family that sees you.
Travel. Purpose. Fulfillment. Happiness.

You are here for the BIG stuff.

If you could have anything, would you choose what you have right now?

Or would you dream bigger?

Trust in your desires

If you can hold it in your heart, you can hold it in your hands.


I’d love to offer you the roadmap that’s supported me & my clients in moving from great to BEYOND.

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