if it's not making you more money or freeing up your time...are you even an entrepreneur?!

Nov 18, 2021
  1. i crafted IN THE FLESH Mystery School in a way that makes you MORE MONEY + frees up MORE of your TIME.

    i don’t know about you, but i’m so over ZOOM meetings & screens.

    i’m also very over anything that doesn’t help me create MORE freedom in my life & biz.

    you, too?

    that’s why IN THE FLESH meets ONE weekend a month for 10 months - with FIVE in person events.

    because while GREAT healing can happen over the phone (really, i give/receive it ALL the time)

    …there’s just nothing that can replace skin-to-skin contact.

    something i can promise you about this training, is how much you will RECEIVE without needing to GIVE buckets of your time.

    i get it…you have a busy life (hi, same here)
    & there’s still things you want to learn + do + accomplish.

    so…know that i’ve got you.

    you can count on me to support you in making more money, teaching you how to free up your time, & helping you lead offerings you’re fucking obsessed with.

    ready to chat? DM me to learn more about IN THE FLESH

    & if you want hear all the details first - listen to today’s new @trppodcast called ‘HOW I ENROLLED A 40K CLIENT”- its the 300th episode!! celebrating the fuck out of this milestone <3

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