If a bodyworker assumes blanket consent, I'm OUT.

Sep 29, 2022

If a bodyworker assumes blanket consent, I'm OUT.


You should be telling me everything you’re planning on doing *with* my body, as you approach it.


If we are not practicing consent with every touch, we are taking someone’s rightful agency.


If we’re not practicing consent with every touch, we are taking someone’s rightful agency. We are robbing them of their right to be informed & to choose what is best for their own body.


Tag a practitioner🧞‍♀️ Long gone are the days I tolerate a lack of consent awareness from bodyworkers.

I was referred to someone who straight faced told me to “buck up” when I notified them of a sensitive trauma affected area of my body.

I’ve had a trigger point bodyworker vigorously put their hands around my neck as a first time ever ‘hello’ to my skin.

Someone else who would not respect my ask to keep my breasts draped for rib & intercostal work.

He ‘needed’ the sheet off every time for ‘access’.

Another who while on the table with someone else, without invitation or asking, came over & tried to start working on me.

These examples extend far beyond the issue of consent.

But to me, it’s where they start.

Consent is far too important to miss in ANY kind of healing arts - especially if someone works hands on with people.

It’s not a choice.

It’s their responsibility as a practitioner.

For me, it does not matter how much experience or training you have - if you miss this important step…

I am out.

I used to be more tolerant. I used to give another chance. I used to teach them about consent.

But I have learned & decided over the years, that it’s not my work.

And my body is not your practice ground.

*Unless you get my flat out consent.*

This is my standard.

I no longer mess around.

My body has had far too many hands on it from people who didn’t know what they were doing ✌🏻

This is why I pay top-notch for my mentors & guides, why I travel all over the states to go to the best people with the best hands.

It’s why people pay me top dollar & fly from all over the country.

…Because not only do I demand the best for myself, but I also deliver with that same level of integrity.

come find out IN THE FLESH

Mystery School doors open 10/1 - you better believe we have a consent module along with trauma informed coaching & bodywork.

*It takes healing to the next level - because there is ACTUALLY safety*

P.S. Don’t let anyone tell you your standards are ‘too high’ or ‘too much’. Trust that inner knowing & trust the flags 🚩


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