I won’t stand for your smallness

Dec 08, 2022

 I am not available for my clients' money struggle stories.


I'm just not 😬


It's a delicate balance.

Of holding them in the 'both, and.'


But as soon as I step into their scrambled story of fear/lack & 'what has been'...


I drop into a frequency

that does not serve them.



I'll let them tantrum & vent & speak their fears


But then it's done.


We move on.


And they reorient


...to the badass CEheaux they are.


I'll hold the vision for you.

I'll remind you of your power & bigness.

You WILL make the impossible possible.



But you have to keep going.


You have to get out of your own way & face the shadows that come up on the ride to where you want to be.

The moments I hate my coach/mentor the most are these LOL


(because I told on myself from the riff - ‘don’t let me play small because I will & I will also manipulate you to get on my team’ - where self awareness pays off)

I want to prove her wrong so bad

I want to tell her she is insensitive & that she does not know how hard it is over here

I want her to feel bad for me

I want her to find me the knight-in-shining-armor who will save me from my lack & scarcity to provide safety & stability for the rest of forever….

I want to leave the call & pout in the corner

But instead…

I stay ON the call AND pout in the corner LOLOL

I pout & pout until that part of me is done playing victim/small

And I remember who the f¥ck I am

& just how powerful of a creator my p$$y is

Tell me my power is in my pants & I remember just how easy life can be again…

*life connected to p$$y*

*life connected to $ex*

*life connected to eros*

ahhh..what a f¥ck!ng relief to be in your body instead of your head on this ride

I won’t stand for your smallness.
Because Goddess knows I won’t stand for mine.

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