i will not hide who i am for you.

May 18, 2022

i will not hide who i am for you.
i will not deny my desires because it makes you uncomfortable.
i will not cover my body because you’ve made it dirty.
i will not wear the good girl robe for your approval.
i will not pretend to be something other than what i am.
i will not change my relationship to truth to please you.
i will not hide my $ex for your comfort.
i will not camouflage.
i will not blend in.
i will not wear your masks.
or be your projections.

i know who i am.
i know what i am.
i know how i serve.

📸 magic in costa with @wildlyvisible 

tomorrow evening is HUMAN’s first
rage & grief circle🔥

if you’ve never attended one before, i guarantee it’ll be the ride you’ve been waiting for.

…a ceremony that…

🗣activates your voice
🐆turns on your primal power
🐍deepens your [dark] feminine expression
🦢& sets you free from the chains of the past

join us before tomorrow night to be part of HUMAN’s deliciously slow 6 month container to…

drop the perfectionism & remember your wholeness + what it means to be alive ✨

it’s your time to walk with your HUMAN & your Goddess..full power..full self expression..full impact

your sisters are waiting to cheer you on & lift you into your sensual freedom

links in bio or message me 💓


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