I value my psychic space & keep that shit clean

Oct 31, 2023

I value my psychic space & keep that shit clean. Why I keep my circle intentional & my energy spent in the right places for me. My life force is expensive 👌🏻

And I’ve spent a lot of years, money, time, energy, blood to unravel systemic, cultural & ancestral belief systems, structures & cobwebs

Truth is, sex is happening way later down my timeline too

What are your thoughts on this?👇🏻

P.S. IN THE FLESH Mystery School starts 12/8 & we’re open for a few more women. Ready to step into leadership as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker? Comment ‘ITF’ & I’ll send you details.

1:1 immersions & containers: 2 spaces left for the end of the year


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