I think I may have pissed some people off with yesterday’s “Jesus, make me worthy” comment

Mar 31, 2021

(follower count down👇🏻)

Oops 😎🥳

This used to scare me…

xx Disapproval
xx Not having them like me
xx Saying the wrong thing
xx Being too much
xx Not being for everyone

But I’m not for everyone.
And neither are you.

Shutting the door to our authentic expression closes the channel to our magnetism & receptivity.

I can revel in this truth now.

It excites me.
It turns me on.

Because I know I’m activating something in them.

And whether they look at it or not,
it stirred something.

And I L O V E that.

Whether they choose me or not,
it doesn’t affect me.

Nor is it a reflection of my character.

While this in theory is easy,
it’s not the easiest to put into action.

Discomfort can arise in our body.

Rejection, abandonment & betrayal wounds come to the surface.

Our attachment styles activate & reactions seemingly come out of nowhere.

This is when it’s most important to stay in our bodies & ride the wave of emotion x feeling.

There’s information there.

It lives in our tissue.

With somatic awareness & contact, we can move the stuck energy & heal experiences from the past to end repetitive cycles.

This is part of the Embodied Launch protocol included in the Blissness x Pleasure Method.

Your authenticity is what brings you into next level bigness - because no one is you & that is your superpower.


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