i spoil myself by only doing one thing at a time

Jun 01, 2022

My MG self doesn’t always love this one, multi-doing is a special talent of mine 💃🏼

But multi-do/do/do-ing is also a program from the patriarchy. And it takes away the pleasure of soaking in each & every moment with the juicy task at hand.

If fun is the point, then slowing down & having it is reallyyy the point 👅

This Sunday is call 2 for HUMAN : last month was maiden to mother, & this month we’re diving deeper into the mother, slowness & grief work.

It’s not too late to join us, the women inside have already reported feeling more connected to themselves through the connection with the sisters inside.

They’re accessing more of their power & feeling freer in their bodies by moving the stuck energy out of their systems through the RageGrief Circles.

If you’re in, message me HUMAN & I’ll send you the info


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