Nov 03, 2021

the work isn't about getting their approval

the work is about standing in your truth even when they dont.


by the amount of incredibly Successful, Beautiful, Vagenius Women (yes, yes) who have a full 'fuck yes' in their system to IN THE FLESH 

but shrink their desire when the voice says, "but what will your partner think of you then?

this is my most loving call 'in'

to those of you here who have BIG desires, BIG PUSSY ENERGY, & BIG fucking missions

but get scared by 'what other people think'

....'specially your MAN!

let me tell you...

the relationship you're in that feels so special....the one you almost DOUBT sharing your true desires & FULL self in just so it doesn't go away-

is EXACTLY where you're supposed to be with the EXACT fear you're supposeddddd to be having

because until you declare & claim what you ARE & ARE NOT available for in your LIFE - first & foremost with yourSelf & from your own inner ego-

(& follow through on your good intentions)

it will forever rule you & forever reappear

here me out…

my desire has been polyamory for years
& i have continuously stuck myself in monogamous relationships because “what if there’s just no man that could ever handle all of me….aka LOVE all of me in those desires”

i did not find my man, the man that CAN actually hold me…ALL of me…until i got REAL big in my life

& REAL BIG in my asks

so when i met P, i was dripping in Truth

the Truth of who i am
the Truth of my pu$$y desires
& the Truth that i will ALWAYS choose me

our decisions, while often filtered through another human when in close relationship, is still OUR decision

as women we have been bred & groomed to be the people pleaser…to keep our men happy

trust me i get it…

thats why i stayed in one abusive relationship after the next

but the things that are GOOD for us never come EASY (initially that is - Spirit wants you to COMMIT)

your decisions don’t need to be explained
they don’t need to be approved of by your partner
& your MONEY is your money

sure, there’s parts of you that wants their approval
& there’s things you talk about in partnership…

but it’s never about SACRIFICING your truth
or bending who you are just to make someone else comfortable

& we’ve got that hella wrong in relationships.

sharing this to inspire you to CLAIM your magical fucking life

to remind you that you get to have ALL OF IT…without compromise

& if your relationship can’t stand that…is that really the relationship you want to be in?

it’s literally all waiting for you

this isn’t about IN THE FLESH…although i know you wouldn’t even recognize yourself at the end of our 10 months together

this is about FREEDOM

& that is what i stand for

your desires…your OUTRAGEOUS juicy wet radical desires….are what makes you even more lovable

even if they are different than what society tells you to desire

so i lovingly call you in

i lovingly ask you to put your big girl panties on & say what you want


because nobody gonna give it to you until you put that phat pu$$y down & say…

“this? oh yeah…this mine.
i claim this.
are you in it with me or wah?”

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