I'm not being overdramatic when I say....

Dec 06, 2022

I would rather deal with the hourly emotional roller coaster & inescapable-mirror-of-truth that is CEO/entrepreneurship

than ever go back to working for someone else & giving up my abundant time + financial freedom... thank you. 

Schmidtty, thank you for the PSA ✌🏻 it’s true. I would literally rather do anything else 😹

We were standing in my kitchen during one of the breaks at the Family Constellation retreat,

When @dalenchristeen asked, “Julianne do you want your physical therapy appointment to be back to back with your massage or on separate days?”

@rebeccaelswit passes by & in her usual delight goes, “OMFG that’s so HOT. Are you kidding me right now? 🀀”

When I was on the phone giving my new 75k client next steps with my OBM @the_real_carinb she said, “WOW I’m so grateful you have a team of women supporting you. That makes me feel so good that you can stay focused on the people you serve.”

All of the reasons you won’t hire a team are probably tied to all your fears about money/ being selfish or greedy &/or the vulnerability of being REALLY seen & TRULY supported.

& of course because you can do it better & your money is best spent elsewhere and and and and… 😜

Now, I’m not saying you NEED team. To scale. To make money. Etc.

But, if you want TIME & FINANCIAL freedom - you need team.

You need to get comfortable with people supporting you. You need to get used to people seeing you in your mess. And in your process.

I’ll be hosting a Masterclass on this (beginning of January) to support you in stepping into your next level of leadership in 2023 so you can have it all.

Time to meet those edges & soften into your receivership πŸ’Žβ€οΈ‍πŸ”₯🐍

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