i'm enraged.

Sep 30, 2021

i'm enraged.

i'm enraged that my accounts get flagged over & over again because of what i teach.

i'm enraged that christian folks see my account & report me because 'i need help'.

i'm enraged that we live in a world that says i can't teach you how to squirt on social media...but unethical porn & sex trafficking still exists.

i'm enraged that my fitness bikini competition photos get flagged as sensitive material...when i'm teaching you about healing your hormones.

i'm enraged at the number of explicit accounts out there with naked humans...but the educational accounts that teach you about naked bodies are disabled. 

i'm enraged that we think sex ed is a crime.

i'm enraged that my platform, something i've given my energy to build & create community on for over a decade, can be gone in the blink of an eye...again.

i'm enraged that we think children don't deserve to know about consent, boundaries & pleasure at early ages. 

i'm enraged that we sexualize women's bodies...but when they do it themselves...we get cancelled. 

i'm enraged that women are scared to talk & teach about sex for this very reason 

i'm enraged that we demonize those that stand for a new way.

i'm enraged.

i'm enraged.

i'm enraged.

but underneath my rage...

is deep




& grief

...because this is not my first rodeo

i've been burned at the stakes 

for this

many times before. 

this rage
has only fueled me
in my mission & vision
even more.

i am committed to changing this.

& i am committed to creating communities, programs, & sisterhood that provide safe spaces to explore our heart, bodies & pu$$ies.


we are stronger, together.

enrollment for IN THE FLESH Mystery School…a Facilitator Training for women to get pleasure, body sovereignty, pu$$y reclamation & sexual healing bodywork out into the masses…


you belong in this work & this world.

rise with me sister.

it’s your offering
as much as it is mine.

dm me to get the enrollment process started <3



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