I have to tell you a secret...

Nov 19, 2022

I have to tell you a secret...

Watch part of a somatic session HERE

Somatic $€xological bodywork has transformed my life, & the life of my clients, like no other healing methodology

It doesn’t mean others don’t/won’t work or move the needle

But I haven’t seen them move it as BIG or as QUICKLY or as WIDE or with as much *permanence*


Do we always need to do things with max depth, bigness & speed? No.

Can you go slow with this body of work? Yes.

Is anything really permanent? No.

Is it possible to neglect integration, jump back into old/stale environments/relationships & take steps backwards? Always, yes.

But, I believe…

Somatic $exological bodywork to be one of the most awakening, enlivening, activating, shadow-facing, truth remembering, ‘holy fuck’ healing modalities next to psychedelics 🍄


You REmember…


withOUT the medicine 🤯

*It creates & promotes healing at a cellular level*

It’s literally like taking the red pill

Except you’re sober - & the visions, sensations, truth + oneness/wholeness comes from your CORE


***Intimacy, org@$m$ & touch are healing***

It blows my mind that some of the most powerful healing modalities are the ones we are told to fear the most 🤯

But also not really…

bc then we’d all be free, sovereign, autonomous beings with a strong voice, clear boundaries & an unshakeable relationship w/ our intuition✌🏻

Ungovernable humans make for a very unhappy government😜

P. S. $€xological bodywork is one way touch.
The only time my clients hands are on my body is when they’re holding me for ground. Ex: hand on my hip or shoulder, or hugging/holding mostly at the end of a session - always with consent & an explanation as to what we’re doing/where we’re going together.


IN THE FLESH Mystery School - a Facilitator Training for Somatic $€xology, Quantum Transformational Bodywork, Spiritual Psych, €rotic Blueprints ™️ starts 12/9 - become a practitioner AND receive the embodied, lived experience of this work.

1:1 Quantum Transformation Immersions @venusvalleyboulder - (2) spots left before 2023 (this is an in person + virtual container..3/6 mo)

Message me to find out more ✌🏻. #somaticbodywork #somaticsexologicalbodywork #somaticsexology


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