i had a huge “holy FUCK” moment

Nov 27, 2021

i had a huge “holy FUCK” moment
the other night after Paul & i went over travel schedules for 2022

…& i realized i’m nearly booked out until next November!

every month for the next 12 months,
i have at least 2 delicious trips planned for an incredibly ecstatic event 🔥

(5 of them are for IN THE FLESH!)

my “holy fuck” moment came for 2 polarizing reasons:

“holy fuck…this is literally everything i’ve ever dreamed of & more”

“holy FUCK…can i really hold all of this?”


because our *greatest desires are often our greatest fears*

it’s my favorite moment for me x my clients…

when you see your cute little brain try to keep you safe from expansion (as my coach always says 😉)

but realize you’re so far past that point you’ve already opened your heart to receive your deepest desires💛

…a pretty dope moment in time!

i brag gratitude for my path.
i brag a life of pain turned into purpose.

i brag less than 5 yrs ago i was meal preppping for my brother so i could live with him rent free cause i couldn’t contribute💰

i brag my resilience.

i brag i’m a nervous system master.
i brag i’ve expanded my havingness capacity beyond what i thought was possible.

i brag if you come into my world i’ll teach you how to create the same 💃🏼

only 2 spots left for IN THE FLESH Mystery School!

we start in December & our first location is in beautiful Encinitas Cali 👑


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