i desire to to teach others how to create their own desired reality

Dec 21, 2021

i will never forget the freezing cold Dec day i rode my bike to this 24HR Fitness in south Denver🚲❄️

the sun was almost down

i was on the phone with my best friend dreaming about making 5/10k months

when all of a sudden

it literally started *hailing*😵‍💫

i didn’t have gloves or snow gear

but i was so fucking determined to get a lift in

so i finished the ride, worked out, & called 📞 my brother with a “soooo i did a thing i regret - can you pleaseeee come pick me up?”

he came in the same silver Yaris he’s had since HS but is determined to never get rid of

later that night, i joined him at his holiday work party 🎄🥂

…a group of ivy grads with aerospace engineering degrees who came together to casually build a commercial supersonic airplane ✈️

yeah, no big deal😅

so there i was…

👧🏼a 26 year old girl

who just ended her 3rd abusive relationship….healing from the aborted nonconsensual pregnancy that ended it

with a coaching biz that didn’t even feel like a real biz🤦🏼‍♀️

…standing in the middle of their workspace

next to the actual airplane my valedictorian MIT brother helped build


“who the FUCK am i to be here? & why the hell would anyone want to talk to ME?”

this was 4 years ago.

last month...

was our first multi 6 figure launch

it marked another multi 6 figure year for the biz 😭

there’s plenty of other brags from 2021 like
meeting my beloved, buying my first luxury car, launching my own SCHOOL!, & traveling the world 🗺

…but nothing even comes CLOSE to the peace i feel on the inside✨

…how much i
see, love, honor…
+ know mySelf

i am home
i am her
i am happy

when i really sit back to be in the love i created this year…

all i wanna do is share it

+ continue to teach others how to create their own desired reality💎

we are headed into a New Year

each day FILLED with the potentiality of something unimaginable & miraculous 👏🏻

spectacularly mind blowing, heart opening & ego shattering opportunities 🪄

& it would be *other-fucking-worldly* if we co created it together🔮

after all…quantum transformation is my speciality😽

ready to unleash your pu$$y power?

i have 2 spots open for 1:1…dm me to join the rise


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