i always include TEAM JUICE in the conversation in workshop & retreat space

Mar 12, 2022

i always include TEAM JUICE in the conversation in workshop & retreat space.

asking them for their insights & learnings..reflections & voice

& every time i do, i hear a voice say “but don’t you think the ones paying want all of the space for themselves & don’t want to share the time”

for some odd reason (the patriarchyπŸ₯΄) even though it’s a practiced choice, it’s a juncture i pause at..every time..

to go against the grain…to give up the metrics & greed..to act & choose with the energy of the mother..to be so different from what the mainstream society voice says, or at least the one i heard growing up & now hear in my head

i still fear the energy of the mother sometimes. because it’s so big, so beautiful, so pure, so dense, so full, so rich, so much care. so unconditional. so giving. so willing to give her last.

so attuned.

so..nothing ‘to fear but fear itself.’

“of course. of course, they, we, i take up space here. just like the rest. why wouldn’t their voices matter? how are they, too, not leaders & space holders? even as the coordinator, the dj, the lightress, the chef? all of us, an integral part to the existence of this creation.” i say back.

it takes a village.

…what it means to be…


…a deliciously slow 6 month container…

to remember your wholeness & what it means to be alive

*coming oh so soon*

(like, next week..i *really* can’t wait to serve this up)

also…can’t wait to get new ink from a portland homie that did the tigress you see here 😻 any location/design guesses πŸ‘…


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