How to ask for what you want in the bedroom

Mar 19, 2023


Try it this way for an invitation they can’t refuse.. ;)

🐱Share it with a fellow kitty to she can be met, too!

If you tend to get a bit stuck in your throat & even this feels edgy…

*practice it out loud in your next self ple@$ure practice*


talk with yourself..narrate your movements..ask for it just the way you like it…

Get used to your voice, own your sounds & anchor this in SOLO *before* expecting it to go smooth with your hot lover

Bringing somatic practice into your life can really be this simple - & the results will never fail.

From ONE 3 hour workshop, my student went from telling her partner she would be okay if they “never had $ex again” to “initiating for the first time ever” & shocking herself at how quickly her feelings about $ex changed.

Not only is she walking around “confident & empowered like never before”…

$ex also “feels GOOD”

Ladies, transformation & reclamation can happen that FAST when you take radical responsibility for your life & pv$$y.

You ready to get free & fed?

Join me in…

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our next Self Ple@$ure Circle April 20th

There is also a Squirt Workshop and a Couples $ex & Intimacy Immersion coming up next month @ VV - I’ll have similar online experiences for you to join if you’re not local.

Comment “YUM” if you want the details!

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