How many deaths does it take to get to the center of you?

Nov 08, 2023

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How many deaths does it take to get to the center of you?

There’s a reason one of the weekend themes for IN THE FLESH is: N A K E D

We are stripping down.

All the noise. All the layers. All the limiting beliefs. All the stories. All the falsities.

The essence of you is what you’ll find here.

There’s 7 retreats inside of ITF Mystery School.

7 initiations.

Every one will hold a death & rebirth.

I planned it this way…

Because nothing will make you a better facilitator than being in/with your own process.

Learning to sit with yourself. Body. Pain. Suffering. Fears. Shadow. Joys. Pleasures. Kinks. Dreams. Quirks. Passions. Love.

From here, you can do it all. You can have & hold it all.

Not from proving. But from Truth.

Embodied Leadership comes from experiential learning.

From this place we are pure Power.

Beyond the ego.

Instead - from the earth, from the body.

From our Knowing. Gnosis.


Come claim your power & bigness as a Somatic Sex Coach & Bodyworker. We anchor in community & sacred sisterhood. This is pivotal over the 7 months. You’ll be growing into yourSelf as you learn the skills to facilitate this incredible body of work.

Comment ‘ITF’ & I’ll send you the details

P.S. New 4 Week Workshop Series kicks off next Wednesday.
Biochemistry for Optimal Sexual Health & Pleasure on 11/15 @ 630
$30 for the workshop or $100 for all 4 in the series.
Comment ‘SERIES’ & I’ll send you the enrollment link 😽


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