How I handle anxiety - Somatic Sexologist Edition

Oct 17, 2022

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We all have patterns in our bodies & lives that act up when we are under pressure or stressed out - aka stretching into the next iteration of who we BE

It shows up so we grow past it.

Being an embodied, self knowing woman means taking responsibility for everything from our food, supplements, pleasure, self care, to unraveling the stress patterns in our body.

It’s not about not having them…it’s about knowing *what* they are & having the tools/ know-how to do something about them when we start entering the stress zone.

This is energy management.

This is how we continue to quantum transform.

We feel.
We listen.
We be with.
We alchemize.
We pleasure.
We align.
We create.

This is what I do. I show you how to reclaim on all levels & layers of who you are. I am the Goddess of what I’ve found to be the most important trades on your journey to where you want to be.

I help you create freedom in your body, heart, sex, biz & bank account.

Ready to learn how I do what I do?

Join us for IN THE FLESH 7 month Somatic $ex Mystery School for pu$$y reclamation, quantum transformational bodywork, spiritual pyschology, & the erotic blueprints™

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