how i got *brainwashed* into financial freedom

Dec 05, 2021

watch HERE

my life used to be filled with:
eating disorders
body dysmorphia
drug abuse & PED’s
abusive relationships
& no $ex life

i struggled with:
adrenal fatigue
gut issues
anger / armor cycle
& a nasty inner critic

i felt:
less than enough
unworthy of love
like i’d never get there
& something was wrong with me

i had a lot of ‘victimhood’ to alchemize

the comparison would put me in the darkest of dark places

what changed?

i stopped feeling bad for myself & situation.
i started loving where i was at - even when it felt like i had nothing.
i decided i’d risk looking stupid + the chance of failure for my deepest desires.
i hired mentor after mentor after mentor.
i invested at every chance i could for myself x biz.

when i post that i’ve spent somewhere around 400k in coaching programs, certifications, mentorship, & masterminds…

there’s always a troll that says that’s ridiculous, you’re brainwashed.

& well

while i’m soaking here in a tub located in my suite that overlooks the ocean in Tulum…

i’d say, ‘yes i agree’

i got totally brainwashed into believing this was possible for me.

& guess what?

it fucking worked ;)

want to get so totally brainwashed into your desired reality where you get to sip champagne or kombucha on a jungle beach on a tuesday while you build the curriculum for your next offering?

come create with me & a gorgeous group of women inside IN THE FLESH

there’s only ONE SPOT left & we start this friday

there’s really no more time to sit with this decision

it’s now or wait a year

dm me to get inside Mystery School


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