how do you be a $exually liberated woman in a nonconsensual world?

Nov 11, 2021

how do you be a $exually liberated woman in a nonconsensual world?

how do you know WHO to TRUST?

how do you stay OPEN & PROTECTED?

how do you know who is rlly in their integrity?

i’ve yet to meet a woman UNAFFECTED by our patriarchal misogynist culture

…who has lived a life FREE from $exual assault/ cat calling/ inappropriate projections + actions towards her body

even for those of us who have ‘never had trauma’ - do in fact have trauma around this subject

i have been in MANY abusive relationships in my life

from emotional to physical abuse
a nonconsensual pregnancy
multiple leaders who have crossed boundaries in a way that indicates - this is FAR from the 1st time

a lot of it had to do w my unresolved childhood trauma & souls curriculum

but a lot of it also had to do w my open heart, my belief in the GOOD of humanity, my knowing that people CAN change, my TRUST in humans that have held powerful positions of leadership

over the last few yrs

i have dived deep into this issue, the healing available & my fascination with these energies - as i know them well

women come to me:

» wanting to trust their safe partners but can’t bc of past trauma

» confused about how to live in this world as an erotic being while protecting their heart x sex

» a desire for a divine conscious partnership…but HATE men - they can’t happen at the same time

one of my many gifts is supporting women & men on this issue

one of the only ways to do it is through ACCOUNTABILITY

accountability to what you are NO longer AVAILABLE for

accountability for the humans who act out of integrity


my partner Paul & I are leading a workshop on this

providing you w the tools & support to unravel these patterns x experiences in your life - while setting you up with the TRUTHS that will help keep you safe moving forward

SPIRITUAL WOMEN NAVIGATING SPIRITUAL TRASH is at @cosmicteaholisticshop 5pm & we are STREAMING it for those not local

if you can’t make it LIVE, sign up anyway & watch the replay - we’re not doing this again

while this is about gender…it’s also NOT

it’s about ethics x integrity

the only way we change it is TOGETHER

dm me for link - only way you can get it


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