how can you possibly be 'livin your best life' without self pleasure?

Dec 04, 2021

k so i don’t eat bread but i fuck a lot
& i am definitelyyy livin’ my best life 💃🏼

eating foods that have gluten & sugar is the same to me as eating the words your filthy politicians write without question

it’s the same as eating the conditioning of the matrix

“we love you so much that’s why these toxins your body can’t digest are in your food”

“we love you so much that’s why you should never fuck yourself or others bc you’ll burn in hell”

“we love you so much & know you’re scared with the state of the world so please lock yourself inside & take your poisonous margarita to go”


everything you were told not to do you might want to try

& everything they told you to do you should question

easy enough

my Goddess Approach™️ Methodology supports women in finding food freedom, body confidence & mindset mastery

you’ll be working with this approach inside IN THE FLESH Mystery School

this facilitator training is guaranteed to transform your biz & inner landscape so you can build your dream life & help women so the same

message me for the details!
we start FRIDAY!

p.s. i eat this way 95% of the time. & the other 5% i let my rebellious glutinous hungry whore have her way with the pleasures of the world. it’s debauchery & i love it. for me, it works deliciously

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