“how are you enrolling women at 25k without a landing page?”

Dec 01, 2021

“how are you enrolling women at 25k without a landing page?” she said

“because i asked for it” i replied

when women ask me this question on enrollment calls

i can see it’s coming from a secret desire they have to do the same

sometimes they know it
sometimes they don’t

it’s usually followed by some sort of investigative question about how I come up with the offer’s investment tag

another way of saying,

“fuck. i wish i was asking for that much money. how are YOU able to??”

before i was at the numbers i’m at now i would get stuck in a similar loop

the truth is

all she was really asking me through that initial question was…

how do you have the BALLS


& that’s what i want you to takeaway from this piece of content

that this is a conversation about *Power & Influence*

& the reason why this is so uncomfortable for so many WOMEN to swallow when they hear these kinds of big numbers

is because most would never dream of spending THAT MUCH money…on THEMSELVES

or ASKING for that much money…for THEIR WORK

using it for their family? or a house? sure.

asking for that much doe for the product their boss built? sure.

but for their PLEASURE?
their happiness?

spending that much on an investment for the dream biz they can taste but their inner critic keeps saying is pathetic & stupid?

that shit takes *BALLS*

which i keep saying intentionally

because a WOMAN in her power THIS way

has had to overcome the conditioning & deeply engrained programming from the world around her that says,

“yes, you can”

but means…

“if you do…i’ll reject, judge, talk about you behind your back, not want to be your friend…nor could a man ever love a woman that powerful”

being a women with this much POWER is a lot of responsibility

which is why i’ve chosen to help other women FREE themselves of the same chains & shackles, that once held me back, from living the abundant…purpose filled…wealthy life they fucking deserve

i’m no different than you

i just started asking for what i wanted

time is running out to get your pu$$y inside IN THE FLESH…message me to get what’s yours

p. s. listen to the latest @trppodcast for tools to help you navigate this money block!


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