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Oct 04, 2022

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My self-care is impeccable. My routines are a nonnegotiable. And it shows when I walk into a room. It shows when I hold space for people.

I can say this because over the last decade & a couple of years, I have taken care of myself in so many different ways while dedicating my life & business to helping people - mainly women - move from stuck to thrive.

Everything starting with my body..

my care of self..my resource level..my capacity to hold/give/receive/open/deepen/boundary..

Everything depending on my responsibility to self*

Which I witnessed, is also *other*

It has trickled out to the people in my life & the people who choose to grow with me.

Living in the health & fitness industry, moving into personal development & spiritual psychology, then somatics & $exuality

Now, all of my skillsets & superpowers combined.

My field is bigger. My strength deeper. My knowing clearer. My love wider.

And It’s felt.

I love going out into the world to receive feedback. To see my effect.

And to use it for good.

..all of my privileges & all of my power..

I spent the last two days in an €rotic Blueprint™️ Lead Coach Intern training.

We focused on power, ethics, rupture & repair.

This has been the bulk of my work this year with my own mentor as I held the first round of IN THE FLESH Mystery School.

It was so perfect to have this be the focus of the training & an invitation for deeper exploration of myself & vision of the biz as I enter into the next phase + the new round of ITF!

(PM me for details!❤️‍🔥)

I will always have a beginner’s mind & do whatever I need to do to get myself into rooms with the top leaders in my space.

It’s how I’ve built what I built. And created this not-so-small-anymore business 🥹

Did you see the special announcement? I shared exciting news I’ve been holding back for a few months! 🏡 🏔 👩‍❤️‍👨💕


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