hard truth

Nov 10, 2021

hard truth

you're not setting boundaries because 'you're an empath & care about the other person's feelings'

you're not setting boundaries because you're *not caring for yourself*

choosing ourselves is not always  the easy choice

we think being 'there' - healed, clear, free - means decisions become simple & straightforward...

& while they can be, they're not always the path of least resistance.

we might have the awareness...but we still need to follow our Truth. 

there's stuff to deal with & address on BOTH sides...

xx the decision to stay in an unhealthy pattern is hard. 

xx the decision to let go of that comfortable  unhealthy pattern is hard. 

choosing ourselves is often choosing to let go of something.

... an identity, a people pleasing behavior we've had for years, a trauma response we picked up as a child, a person who no longer serves us...

finally choosing ourselves is like looking into the light. 

it feels so good,


it's a little blinding.

my tip for you...

is to recognize, that we are the ones that rap the decision in e-motion.

be aware of the feeling you've attached to setting a boundary.

just feel it. 

honor what's there.

& let it run its course. 

create space for the release.

& continue on with what you know is your Truth.

fireeeee workshop happening this SATURDAY called *Spiritual Women Navigating Spiritual Trash*

topics we’re covering:
» healing abusive, toxic, narcissistic relationships
» your hate towards men
» feeling unsafe with men
» men taking advantage of women

as women you need to know…

» how to stay open & protected
» how to have intimacy with your safe male partners DESPITE your past toxic relationships
» how to navigate this space
» how to know who you can TRUST

learn how to have hard conversations (like STI’s, safe sex practices), setting boundaries, & how to stay safe in conscious spiritual communities with men who portray themselves as one thing but show you something else

SWIPE for workshop details - it’s IN PERSON @cosmicteaholisticshop & will be streamed so you can ZOOM in & not miss a beat!!

i’ll be co-leading this with my partner Paul who has been so incredibly supportive to me on this journey & is a huge advocate for holding out of integrity humans accountable.

dm me for the link to join us…we’d love to have you!


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