Growing to multiple 6 figs - FREE Masterclass

Mar 26, 2021



Growing my biz to multi 6 fig, has taught me a lot about the relationship between form x flow, masc x fem, logic x intuition, control x surrender

These polarities have become a powerful tool for me to increase my revenue, client base & product suite, while enjoying MORE play x pleasure

When I first took my biz fully online 3 years ago, I was a one woman team

I hit 6 figs in just over 6 months & didn’t change much when I got to that level

In my personal life, I was doing massive reorganizing. I had just completed a somatic sexology healing program that supported me in stepping into my fullness, & as a byproduct, 4x my income

Over the following year, I joined a MM to support the level of growth I was having bc I honestly didn’t know what to do with that kind of expansion

The $$ I had always dreamed of was flowing in, my ideal clients were filling up my calendar, & my methodology was getting deeper x wider

As I continued to step deeper into my fem, & learned to lead from this place, I found myself having massive resistance to structure & routine

My masc x fem weren’t yet working together in harmony

When they finally got happily married, I found my flow

This is one of the biggest struggles I see when working with my clients in relation to a scaling biz - an unintegrated inner world, expressing itself sideways in the biz

We work work work for a few days, burn ourselves out, & then crash crash crash

One of the biggest ‘relearns’ I needed…

was how to set up my days, weeks, months with healthy, yummy, erotic, deliciously infused organization & structure, while keeping my awakened fem at the forefront of my business

The fem is the water, the masc is the river bank

She brings the flowy, creative, destructive, birthing energy in her natural waves, while he holds the frame, remains flexible yet grounded, in his form

We’ll be mastering the union of these energies inside of Blissness x Pleasure Mastermind

& I’ll be taking you through the exact framework & methodology that’s helped me & my clients scale to multi 6 figs with EASE x pleasure!

App in bio, & if you want a taste first, sign up for Convergence *A FREE Elite Masterclass* happening this Sat!


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