God As Daddy Dom: A Kinky Way of Creating Manifestation Alchemy

Feb 03, 2021

Allow for your deepest heart’s desires & the manifestation process to be like kinky fucking scene play…

With God

You have a scene you wanna play

And you both agree

You know you’re going to get exactly what you need

Even when its not exactly what you want


At the end of the day

You damn well know

Daddy’s gonna feed you

You might have to wait

You might need to beg

You might even have to starve, just for a little while

But when you surrender to daddy dom

And submit to his brilliance

Even his intentional slow drip…

Because you know it serves you

Because you know he can take you further then you can take yourself, by yourself

You open your legs to receive a kind of ecstasy you couldn’t even dream of

More than you ever thought he could provide for you

Every. Single. Time.


You better be a good girl

And obey the law

The laws of the universe

The laws of energetics

The law of action

The law of cause x effect

Get excited about His mystery

His delivery

Get off on the way He teases you with a taste here & there, until you finally Realize who you are, & He blesses you with the release you were looking for, & had access to, all along


Are you ready to receive the seed of God?

Are you ready to have Him fill you up with all that is Holy?

Are you ready to Remember your capacity for ecstasy through divine union?

(An excerpt from my journal) 


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