Glute release

Sep 29, 2022

Watch reel HERE

Mornings with me 😹 My favorite moon pants from @lunamae_boutique, a coccygeus @ashleyblackguru fascia blast πŸ’₯ & some a n a l breathing πŸ‘ 🌬 Thank you for the technique @ellenheed

CASTOR OIL Freebie is now live & available! πŸŽ‰ It’s 1 of FIVE freebies I have available for you. If you’re not sure why you’d use castor oil then I recommend downloading the guide πŸ‘…

You can DM me for the link - the rest are on my new website 🀩

TWO MORE DAYS until IN THE FLESH opens for enrollment 🫢🏼


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