Sep 11, 2023

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Some upper pole focus, a little cranial sacral (from head to pelvis), followed by deep fascial work. This was the end of her 2day monthly immersion at @venusvalleyboulder

As my mentor says, “you can never go too deep, only too fast.”

And as I told this beauty on the table, “anything is possible, when you feel safe.”

This is our 5th immersion together. We’ve got one more 3day to go in this 6mo container.

This, is when we start to fly 🕊️

We started with the foundation of safety. And naturally, she started popping off 💃🏼

We’re hitting what feels like every initiation. This weekend was about men & relationships.

And next time, we’re playing big with pl€@$ure & the €rot!c blueprints…

body mapping & providing her with a guidebook to her €rot!c!$m ⛓️🪶

We’ve hit the creation phase 🌈

Who do you wanna be today? How do you wanna play? What’s the world you’re creating?

Her body leads.

Her frequency goes first.

🚨I’m thrilled to announce:

IN THE FLESH Mystery School starts this December.

A 7 month Facilitator Training for bodywork, $€xu@l healing & expression, feminine embodiment & purpose.

You get an epic sisterhood, a radically transformative personal journey, & the skills to facilitate this work.

You can DM me for more info & we’ll book a call ♥️

And anyone who enrolls in my 12 mo 1:1, receives auto entry into ITF 🤯👏🏻

Ready for a year of evolution?!🦋

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