Family photo for our first retreat at @venusvalleyboulder🏔️

Dec 04, 2022

Probably the most ‘us’ photo there is 😹

See it HERE

Family photo for our first retreat at @venusvalleyboulder🏔️

This week was so BIG for me, us, business, & life.

We got to share our new home with so many lovely humans. New & old friends. Deepening in community. Laughter over meals (by the amazing @dalenchristeen) Blessing & communing with the land.

And *such* incredible healing.

Bridging the unseen with the seen. More evidence that magick is real. And our well, healthy & whole ancestors backing & supporting us. (Hella celebration for bringing it @rebeccaelswit )

Seriously. HOLY WOW.

What an expansive, abundant, sacred experience.

Thank you thank you thank you 🐍☀️


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