Facing our emptiness is the key to our freedom

May 27, 2022

Facing our emptiness is the key to our freedom.

It’s there in those places we ironically remember our wholeness.

Healers say,
‘Sit with it.’

& then the spiritual seeker responds,
‘But I don’t want to. There’s resistance.’

& the healer says,
‘Then sit with that.’

And back & forth they go.

Always leading them on the path home..

To their sweet, wise body.

⏰ *time is ticking* to get inside my 2 current offerings where you will remember how to hold yourself & meet those empty places inside

…that’s how you access your true power & potential 👏🏻👇🏻

👯‍♀️HUMAN is a deliciously slow 6 month container for: maiden to mother journey, somatics, & the dark feminine (rage & grief work)

🏔The Wild Woman Retreat is somatic bodywork, dance therapy, plants as medicine🍄, erotic blueprint expansion & womb wellness - just 3.5 weeks away!

We just had new enrollments inside both & we’d love to have you be the next 😽


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