exploring MORE with the Erotic Blueprints

May 01, 2022

in the beginning of 2020, at the start of a global pandemic…

i joined the Erotic Blueprint family💓

i surprisingly didn’t know Jaiya or her work, i had only crossed it in passing in my Somatic Sexologist cert

but i scanned the landing page & jumped right in

in 2021, i spent the year in Jaiya & Ian’s MM & got the opportunity to step into the Master Coach program

& now we’re here! 2022..

in my favorite place in the whole world so far for a 5 day Advanced $ex Skills & Erotic Secrets training

..cannot wait to bring these tricks into the June retreat in CO with @innerpoweralicia!

we’ll be exploring the Erotic Blueprints, dance therapy movement, plants, womb wellness & nutrition, pelvic bowl healing & more 💓

it’s going to be a quantum transformational experience designed to walk you home to your *wild* in the best way possible … with other witchy women 💃🏼

more info is in my linktree & @innerpoweralicia & i are always here to chat if you’ve got questions!

(couldn’t put music over the sounds of paradise 🦢☀️)


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