$ex so good you allllmost have to get off the ride

Apr 19, 2023

Watch HERE

$ex so good you allllmost have to get off the ride 💃🏼🪩🔥

Come learn more in my upcoming $EXUALLY FED workshop👇🏻

If you’re in CO, join us at @venusvalleyboulder for the *in person* workshop next Sunday 4/30 from 1-6 pm 🍯Couples immersion with practices & games to deepen intimacy, navigate needs & unleash a fvck ton of play in the bedroom. $333 per person!

💻 or join the VIRTUAL offering - jump in between now & 4/30 for a special bonus Q/A coaching call with me 🤤

Links in my bio / message me if you want to chat before pressing ‘im in!’ 🫶🏼

🎙️If you want to tune into our @trppodcast episode, it’s on iTunes & Spotify! More dropping soon☀️

P.S. I have a mistressmind starting soon for women healing & coming home to their bodies + $ex, owning their power & authenticity. Goddess Reclamation is back, baby! Doors open next month. Dm for early info💐

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