$ex is cool but have you ever self ple@$ured in a circle with your friends?

Mar 14, 2023

👯‍♀️ Ladies may raise the roof off of @venusvalleyboulder TherSDAY night! I didn’t know y’all were as thirsty for a circle as I was!

Swipe for a Goddesss’ testimonial love poem after her first circle!!

My inner host, mistress, priestess is beyond titillated to welcome you into higher levels of ple@$ure 🌊 MMMMM!

For those of you sitting on the side like 👀
‘what actually happens there?’
‘That’s hella edgy for me’
‘what will my man’s think?’

I’ll be going LIVE later today to share more of the deliciously drooling details & what to bring 🤤

Check story for details!

Spots are legit limited :) claim your spot! $50

💗have you been to a circle before? Tell me your experience below!

P.S. enrolling 1:1 Somatic $exological immersions

VENUS VENTURE / VOYAGE 15k one month experience / 2 day in person immersion at VV + bonus extra , you know what to do for more info 🌊

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