everything we want we have to create in the body first

Oct 08, 2021

everything we want
we have to create in the body first

if we want space
we have to Know
in the body
what space feels like

if we want more energy
we have to play
with energy
in the body

we have to build it

if we want to be done with the fear we have about making a decision

we have to figure out what the opposite of that fear feels like
in our body
& then go play in that energy

…more than the amount of time we spend in the fear

everything we want
we create through the body first

if you’re flirting with IN THE FLESH

the only thing that’ll take you out of indecision

is deciding i want this..more than i want this other thing

& then do what you need to do to make the path to that choice the thing you do & be 💯 of the time

even when the fear is there
because it always will be

i thoroughly enjoy alchemizing fear into excitement…

through deep breaths
tuning into pu$$y
staying plugged into the high sensations
& feeling my heart

how about you?👇🏻

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