Every time You Tell Your Man What to Do....

Jun 02, 2021

Emasculating men is a pandemic 😷
A ballsy statement in a pandemic #punseverywhere

Read for a RED HOT TRUTH!👇🏻

👉🏻Speaking for him
👉🏻Ordering his food
👉🏻Opening our own door
👉🏻Giving him money
👉🏻Making him lists
👉🏻Scheduling date night

We’re cutting their balls off

...and then expecting them to take us into the bedroom & fuck us into a coma

🚨TRUTH: no one wants to fuck their mom🥴

You CAN be both a successful, independent woman & still have the relationship/s you want


❌It won’t happen if you are mommying them around during the day❌

A healthy, dominant man won’t put up with that.

Evoking your submissive archetype is a deeper journey into your feminine expression.

Taboo? Sure.

Deliciously erotic? You bet.

LOVE S3X MEN - heal the wounds of the masculine, evoke your submissive, & open to deep intimacy x connection is OPEN for APPLICATION!

You know where to find it ;)

Disclaimer: this is NOT about gender. Masculine / feminine are polarities - like yin / yong. I work mainly with cis women, in cis hetero relationships, that desire strong masculine men. Therefore, I use he/she pronouns & speak to these gender roles. Please feel free to take gender out of the messaging.

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