every time we say .... "i thought i healed this already?"

Dec 20, 2021

Watch HERE

everything you’ve done up until this point…has led you to the place you are today…so you can take on what comes tomorrow 🐆

going on a $exual healing + reclamation journey is one of the most *humbling* experiences you’ll have

because even for those that have read all of the books, listened to the podcasts, & worked with the coaches…

are H U M A N

& our $exuality
is the most

& tender of places

there is allllllwayysssss MORE
to grow….to expand….to discover when it comes to eros

so if you want to do the damn thing,
then do the damn thing

grab pu$$y & start walking

it’ll be the most rewarding trip you take

if you’re interested in working together to create freedom in your heart, body, $ex & biz - i have 2 spots currently open for 1:1 coaching & mentorship

message me to chat 💛


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