Erotic Blueprint: Sensation Play Scavenger Hunt

Mar 06, 2023

Watch HERE

Come with me on a Scavenger Hunt for play toys you don’t have to buy 🍯⛓️🔥🌊✨

The €rotic Blueprints will forever change your relationship to your $€xu@lity + make you the best lover you’ve ever been!🫦

I guarantee it 😉 yourSelf AND to your lover/s

There are 5 €rotic Blueprints, I grabbed one item per BP + some exxtra !

⛓️Fork | K!nky (sensation)
😈Wooden Spoon | K!nky (impact)
🍯Fur Scarf | Sensual
🍯Makeup/Skin Brush | Sensual
🫦Vibrating Toothbrush | $€xu@l
📿Palo Santo | Energetic
🌬️Sage | Energetic
🌈Combine ALL of them | Shapeshifter

Don’t know your type? Dm me ‘BP’ I’ll send you the quiz link

3 ways to play with me & the €rotic Blueprints👇🏻

✨€rotic Blueprint Immersive Experience this Sunday 3/12 w/ @hey_birdie_co at @pachahouse_denver
(If you are not local to Denver, message me for an online experience you can start anytime!)

🍯🌊First ever *Self Ple@$ure Circle* at @venusvalleyboulder happening Thursday 7-9pm 3/16 🫶🏼 $50

🏔️High level 1:1 hybrid immersions - 1 mo VENUS VENTURE + VENUS VOYAGE 🫶🏼 (details on story & inbox!)

Message me to claim your spot for any of these!

(You can totally use the energetic items I chose here in the Sensual BP, but these remind me of Energetic & drop me right into that zone ✌🏻 choose your adventure!)

#eroticblueprintscoach #eroticblueprint #eroticblueprints


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