EMBODYING IT means it’s your NORMAL!

Dec 07, 2022

2 years ago I was walking around RiNo after moving into my DREAM apartment (I had a garage door in my living room that overlooked the CO Rockies 💎🏔) on an enrollment call for 1:1


Yes, I take calls out in nature + make 5 & 6 figure offers without my video on.


At the time, I wasn't publicly promoting 1:1.


This woman ended up enrolling into a 15k container.


And so did 2 other women.


I remember my OBM at the time saying, "How does that happen when you're not promoting? You haven't posted anything about it."


I remember that being such a powerful reflection for me.


Because I hadn't even realized.


A couple things about this...



 (1) the things we are SO used to doing/being/having... are literally the things that will blow your potential clients minds & hearts wide the fuck open.


You are seriously just used to your own vagenius & don't see it. 


(2) that was a moment of realizing my own magnetism.


my magnetism is a reflection of my embodiment. The embodiment of my power, truth, worth, influence,  knowing & wealth. Not just 'money' wealth. But 'health, happiness, pleasure' wealth.


(3) How far I had come in both my personal growth & biz development...I built a brand that allowed me to 'take time off' & still have people knocking on my door with interest. Plus, the mere fact that I had built in 'rest' time was HUGE. I had shifted my go-getter, hustle, grind mentality. 


and, it was fucking working.


(4) Gratitude. It revealed a place for me to feel grateful. Because something I was used to, was now my normal. 


& that again, is a reflection of my embodiment. 

EMBODYING IT means it’s your NORMAL!

I’ll be teaching a brand new masterclass early January on taking your business to your next level of leadership & bigness - *so you can have it all*

We’ll be doing that by locating where your edges are and giving you the space to process & soften.

More specifically, I’ll be serving you what you need around team, expanding your support system, upgrading wealth consciousness, outsourcing & delegating, and dealing with the ego thoughts of selfishness & not wanting to be *fill in the blank* when you’re in your bigness.

Stay tuned 💃🏼

Until then…

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