Easy Embodiment Practice

Mar 31, 2021

We want the exact script, framework, practice…

but when it comes to flow,
there is no exact anything!

Our B O D Y is the guide,
& it changes everyday.

Part of my Embodied Launch protocol (part of Blissness x Pleasure Method) is starting each day with a movement practice

Just like this one^

It’s not always perfect...

Sometimes I don’t want to do it
Sometimes I don’t do it
Sometimes I do it midday or @ night
Sometimes I drop right in
Sometimes there’s resistance
Sometimes I don’t want it to end

Regardless, it allows me to:
xx move stuck energy
xx go beyond the stories of my mind
xx feel into the truth of my body
xx get into my feel good place
xx step into my pleasure

This supports me in being magnetic to what I’m calling in because my channels are crystal clear✨

Q: How does having an embodied movement practice support you?

4 days left for B x P enrollment!

P.S. I say this is ‘easy yet advanced’, because it’s a simple process to follow, but settling into our body, can bring up emotions we’ve been avoiding / not wanting to feel.

There can be challenge in that, not to mention the courage & trust that goes into informal flow that has you looking & sounding all sorts of weird.

Surrendering to the body is advanced. And a daily, forever practice.

[Pictured: a flow that ended up being more yoga like. With lots of deep breathing & loving touch to my hips that we’re feeling some tightness x release. Other days are louder, calmer, emotional, dance like, etc.]

🔟 Step Easy, Yet Advanced, Embodied Movement Practice
1️⃣ Set an intention
(To feel, clear, hear, release, be, flow)
2️⃣ Release expectations of how it should look x feel x turn out
3️⃣ Set a timer for 5-30 min
4️⃣ Start lying on the floor
5️⃣ Connect to your breath
6️⃣ Remind yourself nothing needs to happen, you can stay just like this
7️⃣ Ask & listen if there’s any movements x sounds your body wants to make
8️⃣ Give your body the space to do what it do (it will lead)
9️⃣ Flow, breathe, experience
🔟 Express gratitude


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