Oct 07, 2021


The 5 Erotic Blueprints






Energetic- superpower altered states of consciousness & getting turned on without touch. Shadow: if it goes too quick too fast, you short circuit. hard time speaking up on boundaries.

Sexual: Superpower: can go 0-60 real fucking quick. Shadow: misses the journey & can get hyper focused on the outcome x orgasms.

Sensual: Superpower: full body orgasms. Shadow: don't like mess & gets distracted by things in the room.

Kinky: Superpower: creative AF & never ending pleasure. Shadow: deep shame & getting stuck in the same sexual turn on

Shapeshifter: the superpowers of every blueprint falls to the shapeshifter. Shadow: the shadows of every blueprint falls to the shapeshifter. 

if you know, drop it in the comments…i’m an Energetic Shapeshifter💋

i became an Erotic Blueprint™ Coach in 2020 after i went pu$$y first into somatics, sexuality, & spiritual psychology

i had just pivoted my 6 fig biz from being a leading health expert……in helping women find Food Freedom, Body Confidence & Mindset Mastery after years of eating disorders & body dysmorphia (my back story)🙏🏼


🌎right at the beginning of a world wide pandemic…

while everyone was quarantined & literally fighting for toilet paper🧻

(which i had didn’t have bc i had just gotten back from the Sedona Yoga Festival where i was supposed to speak about Somatic Sexology🤪)

…i invested 10k into the EB Coach Training‼️

lets just say self quarantine was far from bland or boring😼💦

when the program was complete…

i knew it was JUST the beginning!

💥so i invested another 30k…my biggest number at that point….into a SX Mastery Mastermind💋

we had NO idea what the MM was about…what we’d be doing…or dates for live events

we just LEANED the fuck in & said YES💫

(best decision ever🤩)

because today…..

i’m honored to say….i’m 1 of 8 humans to be in the EB Master Coach Intern Program🥳

& the coach program is CLOSED!

meaning….we’re a hot fucking commodity😉

👉🏻grateful is an understatement
👉🏻enthralled by my mentors doesn’t even cut it

i’m so honored to be including this body of work inside IN THE FLESH 🐆

& to give you the most EROTICALLY EPIC experiences of your life🤤…..as you expand your blueprints & capacity for pleasure💃🏼

if you want the REALLYYYYY exciting news…check out my story for a trailer🤫

♦️& if you don’t know which blueprint you are…DM me for the quiz link⚡️

Mystery School is enrolling now….will you join us in creating a PLEASURE filled world?💕

it’s 25k…& a fucking bargain for what you’re receiving

…you’re getting my decades worth of coaching experience, 400k+ of my own investments, & my mentors joining us literally IN THE FLESH

don’t sit on the sidelines…your pu$$y was meant for this, Goddess 💃🏼


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