do you pause for the transitions of your life?

Mar 25, 2022

do you pause for the transitions of your life?

i led a pleasure practice last IN THE FLESH weekend that was incredibly s l o w

and as we started to give love & movement to the neck, i started cueing everyone to p a u s e every transition

one movement
p a u s e
one movement
p a u s e

‘be here in the transition’

letting go of the past..
trusting the future..
feeling the now

in these moments
> of transition & pause
> death, decay & downtime

there is a deepening of the soul

it’s amazing what you don’t miss
when you slow down
stay still
& allow yourself to listen

to hear & feel all the subtleties
…rich with information, truth & beauty

that usually go missed
in the (loco)motion

inside π‡π”πŒπ€π

we are moving deliciously slow
for 6 whole months

with a deep dive ‘transmission + discussion call’ anddd a monthly grief circle. we have a WhatsApp group for intimacy & support, plus an interactive element for home practice.

if you’re ready to slow down & deepen your relationship to the mother + grief..

AND you’ve been wanting to do somatic work with me, jump into π‡π”πŒπ€π before sunday & get the *early human* savings πŸ‘…


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