do you know your Erotic Blueprint?

Oct 21, 2021

do you know your Erotic Blueprint?

knowing your Erotic Blueprint is like having an easy-to-follow roadmap for your sexuality

it's a potent framework that supports you in



....& unleashing 

your eroticism

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW THIS? you language & words to get your needs met (+ meet the needs of your lover(s)

...reveals  WHO you are as an erotic being, WHAT to ask for, & HOW to ask for it

...uncovers where you are right now + where you want to be

The 5 Eroic Blueprints


if you're an energetic, you probably short circuit if it goes from 0-60 too fast. but with just the right type of light, finger tip, anticipation-filled're wetter than ever;)


if you're a sensual, you probably have difficulty getting out of your head no matter how much you try to focus. but when everything is JUST right, like the candles & music, you can really let the fuck go. 


if you're kinky, you probably have a lotta taboo fantasies you're dying to play out. a little power play, do we? flogging? sensation play? however, you may be a little too nervous to share...


if you're a sexual, you probably want all of those clothes off as soon as possible. you want to cut right to the main act. what are we here for right?! if it takes too long to get there...or orgasms don't happen, cue the frustration. 


if you're a shapeshifter, you probably feel like no matter what, you just can't get enough! you want all of it, all of the time, with as many hands as possible giving it to you. yeah, we see you ;)

ready to take an erotic journey  & know your body (+your lover's) like never before?

this is only a TASTE of what we'll be diving into inside these two containers:

1-EROTIC BLUEPRINT X UNLEASHING YOUR SEXUALITY workshop this Friday 10/22 5 pm MDT @ cosmicteaholisticshop

2- IN THE FLESH Mystery School...a facilitator training for body sovereignty, somatic sexology, quantum bodywork & the erotic blueprints: 10 months together + 5 in person events

have you seen us on GOOP yet?! google ‘sex, love & goop’ for a titillating trailer for the Erotic Blueprint Series that dropped last night @ 12 MIDNIGHT on GOOP on @netflix!!

this framework has changed my relationship to my sexuality & continues to change the lives of my clients!

if you’re looking to take an erotic journey & know your body x sexuality (& your lover’s) like never before…

message me for more info on either of these offerings (on the last slide) <3

…and of course…if you want the link to take the quiz to find out your core blueprint 💋

p.s.🚨a VIRTUAL Erotic Blueprint workshop is happening on November 7th — it’s 3 deliciously juicy hours + $222

✔️we’ll be connecting 1:1
✔️learning about the blueprints
✔️playing with our pleasure ready body’s to discover our turn ons / turn offs
✔️& i’ll also be doing a demo (with my wolverine claws⛓)

message me for the sign up link! 😽


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