do you know what satiation FEELS like?

Aug 22, 2021

s a t i a t i o n


e n o u g h n e s s

go hand in hand

we’ll only ever be satisfied when there’s a sense of enoughness

but what’s the thing that will make YOU feel like it’s enough?

like you:
have enough
do enough
are enough

it’s the secret weapon to leaping timelines


> whatever you wanna name it <

i’ve been deepening my practice of feeling what it feels like to be satiated - in myself, my life & my biz 💦

want to join me?

most of us are really practiced in the energy of ‘i need more than what i have. it’s not enough, it’s never enough.’

let’s practice the opposite & rewire those narratives💃🏼

somatic tip: practice feeling satiation in your body, F U L L Y. set timers throughout your day to remind yourself to drop into that energy. it’s more effective to do micro-practices than it is giant ones 1x/day.

let me know if you’re with me 🐆👇🏻

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