Declaring What You Are and Aren't Available for in Relationship

May 24, 2021

I met Paul in the beg of Jan when I decided I was 4ever more done w/ conventional monogamy

I entered the dating space this time w/ a completely diff intention & energy than times b4

I had just moved out of a darker season filled w/ purging x cleansing, but mostly, pulling all of me back in, to me

I sat in my Womb Room, just the week before, & completed a deep process around men, relationships, & love…

the same process I’ll take you through in **Calling In Your Ideal Partner/Lovers** this Sat

Except when I did it, my main intention wasn’t about calling in a partner, contrary to the times before

Instead, I decided to declare the things I would no longer accept in [any] relationship

I refined my no’s

I p*ssy dreamed a list of ideal qualities
Once again, doing it differently

I asked myself whether or not I’d rather be alone than be w/ a man that didn’t have these things

Most of my answers?

“Yes, I’d rather be alone.”

This was HUGE for me

So when I met Paul, just *4 days later*, I was dripping in Truth

Dripping in the truth of who I was, what I wanted, & the energies I would no longer say ‘yes’ to

I wasn’t looking for a relationship

I was looking for men, many men, to love x respect, & to be loved x respected - healthfully, wholly

I told him that I wanted to feel celebrated

I wanted the experience of men not just loving me for my beauty, sex, power & success

I wanted men that would authentically celebrate it, not be intimidated or try to control me

I wanted men that saw me

Men that wanted the very same bigness I saw for myself

Men that genuinely wanted to share me with the world

Men that had done ego work & were willing to work w/ the parts of themselves that got challenged by my bigness

I wanted Love, Authentic Love

Without labels, rules, or sacrifice

There were so many moments at the start of us that I could have bent my truth & allowed myself to spiral into doubt for my desires

But I didn’t

I stood in Self,
bc I started fully in mySelf

Knowing, I’d rather be alone than be w/ a man that didn’t have these things


Want to know where you’ll be on the other side of this process? Join us on Sat

(Wrote this a cpl weeks after we metšŸ„°)

Watch HERE


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