Chicken or egg?

Dec 02, 2022

Chicken or egg? You choose. When we were in the buying process for @venusvalleyboulder - it was really easy to go into practical, logical decision making. I mean..we were buying a house. A big one. It’s not something to f*^% around with. It’s not something you risk like you would with other investments. There’s real stuff on the line & big repercussions if we don’t/can’t make payments. Yeah?

I don’t operate this way

I’m sure I used to at some point, but I don’t remember that time much anymore

I’m the kind of woman who reverse engineers

She see’s the thing she wants

She decides she’s going for it
She’s already BEing it through & through
She’s already making choices & decisions based off of having the thing

That’s how I work

I don’t make space for the catastrophe or worst case scenario

I was gonna write that some people think this to be irresponsible

But the people in my life don’t actually judge me for this way of moving/living

They know this AS me

And they reflect back to me, especially in the moments I forget my power, that it will always be taken care of…

That “Julianne will ALWAYS be okay.”

I realize as I write this how much of a gift this is. All of the intimate raw moments with friends & lovers who have seen & held me here (Thank you)

I decided a long time ago that
*I am my own creator*

After two decades of intense abusive relationships & other body traumas, you think I’d be singing at least a little bit of the victim song

But I learned along the way that spending extended un-contained time in that place serves NO one (in Truth)

It’s like still water that’s not moving.

There’s bacteria. Things start to grow & collect. You get SICK from it.

I’d rather accept full personal responsibility - no matter how many emotions or experiences I have to move through my body - than take the back seat to my life

When I want something, I decide

And I remind myself that everything that comes up along the way, is actually the POINT of the whole thing, not the outcome

(The part that’s RLY for you👇🏻)


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