Certifications and Trainings

Sep 26, 2023


When someone tells me they are going back to university to get letters after their name to learn about erotic embodiment :)

I’ve been certified & trained in dozens of incredible programs & methodologies. I’ve also spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get in the room with people who are leading experts in my fields.

The containers that have been the most transformative are the ones that didn’t give me a piece of paper at the end. I just learned & lived my life with them adjacent to me.

Moved through my human experiences with them. Mentored & integrated, with the brilliance of them.

Those spaces..have been the best trainings.

Luckily for you, IN THE FLESH is both.

It’s training, mentorship, personal transformation & an incredible sisterhood to hold you to your highest. We start Dec 8.

When you join my 12 month 1:1 container, you get auto entry into ITF.

👇🏻which ones your fav?


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