calling in your ideal partner & lover

Dec 31, 2021

before i actually met paul, i really wanted to believe there was a man that could hold all of me

but i wasn’t totally convinced

i wasn’t sure where to place myself for him to find me

you know, feminine energetics & all ;)


where the f am i gonna meet a man that is both 💜mission driven & heart centered, is equally as boujee as he is spiritual🥂, has done his fair share of ego work, celebrates a sexually liberated woman💎 & isn’t threatened by his partner’s power?

as unusual as it sounds

i’ve had some of the BEST luck on dating apps!

my mentor would always tell me to create a course on “how to do online dating” bc i usually log in, find a fucking gem & peace out✌🏻

the men i’ve dated in Denver have become some of the best male friends i’ve ever had

…one of them even became my video editor :)

to me,

it’s a combination of where you’re at energetically in your search + how you show up AND where you physically place yourself to be ‘found’ by the hunter

it’s all about being clear on what you *are* & *are not* available for

location matters

in every sense of the word

luckily i have two solutions for you…

1 my masterclass ‘Calling In Your Ideal Partners & Lovers’ is FIREEEEEEE

i would 100% start here if you want to get in right relationship to your relationships 😉 & heal patterns that repeat + keep you from receiving healthy, happy LOVE! 💕

(this is what i led myself through just 4 days before i met Paul!💫)

2 - @datingcom is a GR88888 spot to place yourself if you’re looking to play!

especially if after you’ve been spotted, you lovee to be the one to open conversation (ladies go first)

i REALLY encourage doing both - the inner & the outer work - they operate in tandem

you can sign up for @datingcom with a 60% savings through my linktree & the masterclass link is in there too)

for the workshop link - shoot me a message & we’ll get you set up 😘


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