Busting Common Sex Myths

Jun 18, 2021

Busting Common Sex Myths

#1 Talking about sex does not take away from the magic

But what we make it MEAN about us when they DO // DO NOT pick up on our subtle messages DOES👇🏻

i. e.
✖️he doesn’t understand my body & my soulmate should def just know so I guess this means he’s not ‘the one’
✖️he makes me squirt as soon as touches my p*ssie he’s everything I’ve ever wanted in a partner we’re totally meant to be

Gah! No!

Hate to tell you (but actually I love it 🙊)…

Sex gets better with practice!👏🏻

💣That immediate firework show at the start of a relationship typically implies a trauma bond that’s activating a familiar (often harmful) pattern from childhood 💣


Consent / boundary / desire conversations can be such a TURN ON 💦

I make sure I talk about sex on every first date

Not just because I’m a somatic sexologist…

but because if we’re not sexually/sensually/energetically compatible - what’s the dang point??

Sex shouldn’t be a guessing game❌

We ask what they want for dinner, why wouldn’t we ask them what they want in the bedroom & why shouldn’t we ask for what we want?!

Sometimes we want Mexican while other times it makes us sick to our stomach 🤷🏼‍♀️

These likes & dislikes change over time

Our partners/lovers might know our top food choices, but it’s still something we ask…EVERY TIME!

It should be the same for sex & intimacy😘

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